What Is A Periodontist?

By now, you all know what a dentist is, right? Some of you may even have a good idea of what the orthodontist does, particularly those of you who are parents and have had their kids in to be fitted for braces or orthodontics work. And yet still, the confusion continues. Time for some more reading, like; just what is a periodontist, and what could periodontal therapy plainview ny consultations entail?

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The periodontist specializes in the prevention and diagnosis, as well as treatment of periodontal disease. He is also involved in the placement of dental implants. Periodontists are also specialists in dealing with oral inflammations. Aside of the usual medical school training required, periodontists are required to undergo another three years of training. Periodontists are also up to date with the latest techniques being used for diagnostic and treatment work.

Periodontists have also been trained to carry out cosmetic periodontal procedures. These specialists will all be dealing with the more complex dental cases, with severe gum disease and a complex medical history being two good examples. These specialists are able to offer their patients a wide range of treatments, amongst which will include scaling, root planing and root surface debridement.

The men and women in this practice are also skilled in carrying out a range of surgical procedures. And not only are dental implants being inserted by them, they will also be involved with the maintenance and repair thereof. The very first consultation with the periodontist is likely to be quite a thorough affair, during which time he or she will be looking at the patient’s full medical and dental histories. In this case, the periodontist is well position to advise on health matters related to heart disease, diabetes and pregnancy.